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The Jewelery from the Forest of Bali Island


Our BALI WATCH watches are small masterpieces. Every BALI WATCH is unique because the natural material of the wood is never exactly the same. All BALI WATCHES are handmade. The heart of our beautiful watches hails from Switzerland, which enjoys an excellent worldwide reputation for the high quality of its watchmaking. 


Every year, people fall in love with the magical world of Bali. We make it possible for a piece of this magic to accompany you on new adventures every day. As a material, we use high-quality palmwood, sandalwood and bamboo from the forests of Bali. The country is also known as the Island of the Gods. You can find these gods in our watches too! Culture and design are uniquely combined in our BALI WATCH. The PUNYAN KAURIPAN model unites the symbol Omkara with the tree of life, and grants the bearer positive energy.


The heart of every BALI WATCH is a Swiss Quartz RONDA Normtech Caliber 763. This movement is characterized by a long service life and absolute precision. For the precision of the movement we use the best manufacturer. We trust the renowned family business RONDA, a well-established Swiss company with its roots in Basel. The company was founded in 1946 in the Waldenburgertal by William Mosset; today the company is located in Lausen, Switzerland.